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Looking for a grease trap pumping company in Plano? You’ve come to the right place. We are fully equipped to handle any and all grease trap pumping and cleaning requests in Plano, Texas. We service inside traps, outside traps, inside traps, outside traps, small 20-gallon traps, all the way up to large 5,000+ underground interceptors. Our mission here is to provide fast, reliable, and affordable grease trap services in Plano. Our trucks are clean, modern, and well maintained. We started off with just 1 pump truck but now we have 9 pump trucks running full-time. We provide grease trap pumping, grease trap cleaning, general grease trap services, and we also handle the manifests and keep them on record for 4 years. Need emergency grease trap services in Plano? No problem. Unlike other grease trap cleaning companies in Plano, if you are not a current customer of ours, we will service you. We offer emergency services, 1-time services, regular grease trap services, early-hour services, and late-hour services. We provide free estimates and we would love to earn your business for the long haul.


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Plano Grease Trap Services

You get what you pay for or so the saying goes. It’s why choosing the lowest priced grease trap service is not always the best way to go. At Plano Grease Trap Services, we make it our business to understand the needs of our clients and provide a professional and affordable solution to their grease interceptor and grease trap maintenance needs. 

Would you really want to risk having serious issues such as blockages, overflows, or even poor performance of your grease management systems, just to save a few dollars? Such catastrophic mishaps would probably translate to massive fines for you for violating the local health and safety codes. It’s even possible that you might have to close involuntarily to resolve the issues caused by faulty cleaning, pumping, and maintenance performed by an independent contractor. 

By choosing Plano Grease Trap Services, you can be sure that you are partnering with the absolute best. Our vast knowledge and expertise means that you can be sure that you are dealing with one of the most environmentally friendly and trustworthy companies in the industry. All you need to do is allow us to prove this to you.  

Plano Grease Trap Services is a Full-Service Partner

Our staff is comprised of experts that have undergone intensive training in the field of grease interceptor and grease trap maintenance. This means that you never have to worry about your current grease interceptor or grease trap needs. 

According to the local health and safety codes, you are required to maintain meticulous records of all the maintenance and service performed on your grease management systems. We carefully log every service that we perform and keep all records on file should you ever need to access them later on. 

We always consult with you to ensure that you stay updated on the mandated maintenance schedule required by the local health and safety codes. That way, you can be sure you’re complying with the Plano city code requirements and freeing up your time to deal with more pressing issues. 

What Our Company Promises You

Besides the peace of mind that you will enjoy once you partner with our grease interceptor and grease trap needs, we promise you the following:

–     We will conduct our services in such a way that there’s as little disruption to your regular business activities as possible. 

–     Your waste products will be recycled to be used as soil edification in suitable agricultural applications, as a biological means to produce methane gas, or as an alternative biofuel for generating electricity or powering vehicles. 

–     Waste that cannot be recycled will be disposed of in the correct way in licensed and eco-friendly disposal sites in accordance with the law. 

–     We always stay informed about applicable local codes and laws so that you never have to worry about compliance, and you can go about your regular daily business activities. 

–     We compile and maintain all necessary records relating to grease trap and grease interceptor services that we perform. You always have complete access whenever the need arises. 

–     We will consult with you regularly to keep you updated regarding your grease trap and grease interceptor maintenance needs to ensure that your operation runs smoothly without any unnecessary hassle that you might have overlooked. 

A Brief Discussion About Your Grease Trap

The grease trap that’s installed on your premises benefits both you and your food service establishment even though that might not seem immediately apparent. The whole purpose of a grease trap and interceptor is obviously to protect the city sewage system and the environment at large. But first, let us discuss briefly how it is likely to affect operations. 

If your grease trap and interceptor is properly maintained, it will help keep you out of trouble with health and safety officials. If you choose not to take proper care of your grease management systems, however, all bets are off. That’s why it’s so important to always ensure that your grease trap and interceptor are regularly serviced and maintained through the implementation of our expertise in partnership with you. 

Our Specialty is Restaurant Grease Traps

A food service establishment operates quite differently compared a regular home kitchen. Since you are serving food to the general public, your responsibilities go far beyond a standard kitchen. You have to be mindful of the health and safety of everyone involved, including not just the guests, but also the employees and the general public, specifically, your neighbors. Any sewer pipe blockage or overflow can lead to legal violations that have real consequences. 

Your grease trap installation is obviously beneficial to your business, but in most instances, it is mandated by the health and safety codes. It’s why you need to partner with our company, Plano Grease Trap Services, to offer you the right maintenance services needed to bring you the peace of mind that you truly deserve.  

If you don’t have professionals such as ourselves helping you undertake the necessary maintenance services on your grease trap system, you can put your food service establishment at an unnecessary risk of violating the local health and safety laws and codes. Allow us to show you how. 

At Plano Grease Trap Services, we have a team of professional equipped with a fleet of pump trucks to serve all your grease trap cleaning and pumping. To get a free consultation regrading what you need to be on the road to a cleaner and happier food establishment, you should consider giving us a call today.  

What Are the Benefits of Partnering with Plano Grease Trap Services?

–    You can save money if you enroll in one of our numerous price plans. The cost of serving the needs of a wide range of clients can be affected by so many variables, which is why we introduced service agreement schedules to fit your specific needs and allow you to focus exclusively on your regular everyday business activities. 

–    All the required reports and paperwork are duly completed, filed, and kept in a safe location by our team. It’s part of our regular everyday activities. That way, you never have to worry about the seemingly mundane compliance with the Plano city health and safety authority regulations and codes. 

–    The clients we value most are those that stay with us the longest. It’s why we offer such customers amazing discounts on grease trap and interceptor services. 

–    We also have a special deal for servicing establishments with multiple locations. 

–   We have an excellent reputation with the establishments that we serve. We often receive compliments regarding our professional team of licensed employees. We highly value all praises received. 

Caution - Don’t Allow Your Grease Trap to Get to Full Capacity!

You should never allow your grease trap to ever get to full capacity for a variety of reasons, which include: 

–     Health and Safety Concerns: A full grease trap not only leads to poor air quality but you also run the risk of a greater likelihood of fire in your establishment. 

–     Terrible Odor: If your grease trap ever gets to full capacity, the stench of rancid oils, greases, and even food solids will start to fill the air of your establishment. That, in itself is enough to make clients dread even entering your establishment, not to mention eating in such an environment. 

–     Wrath of Health and Safety Personnel: The fact that the air in your establishment is stinking can result in complaints to local health and safety personnel. If that isn’t bad enough, full grease traps usually overflow into the local water and sewage system, which in most instances results in massive fines for code violations. 

How Does the Grease Pumping Process Work?

One of the key reasons why your regular employees must never attempt to pump your grease pumps besides their lack of experience, is that they don’t have the high-powered pumping equipment that our team uses. Even if they had the right equipment, it’s probably safe to say that they wouldn’t do a good job without the relevant training and expertise   

The first step is to call us for assistance with your grease trap cleaning in Plano, Texas. We are the professionals when it comes to grease trap cleaning and you can call us any time. We’ll come to your establishment, measure the fat level, pump out the fat, and ensure that it is disposed of safely. We will also ensure that all parts of your grease traps are working properly and handle all the paperwork. 

Let’s begin with the free quote. We’ll let you know exactly what to expect for the price and you can make an informed decision regarding your grease trap cleaning service. You won’t be risking anything if you call and talk to us about other issues that need to be addressed: 

Assessment: The exact quantity of greasy waste material has to be assessed before we attempt to remove it. It’s a necessary step for accomplishing two purposes. First, it assures our team that we are adequately prepared with the equipment needed to effectively do the job. Second, it provides a guideline for determining whether there’s a need to either increase or decrease your maintenance schedule frequency. 

Actual Pumping: The heart of the issue is to remove all the oil, grease, and fat. We accomplish that by lowering a suitable suction hose into the grease trap to suck out all the waste material. Once we have collected it, we then determine whether it can be recycled or if it should be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly facility. 

Final Cleaning: To ensure that your grease trap is performing up to specifications, cleaning is a must. This involves removal of the thick and sticky residue that covers the inner edges and sides of your grease trap. The next step is possible testing of the sludge ingredients to determine whether or not the grease trap is functioning normally. 

Are you convinced? You should consider giving us a call even if you are not sure for your free preliminary consultation and provide answers to all your concerns and set up an appointment to help us undertake a complete assessment and give you a free quote for the exact services you need.  

We are experts when it comes to grease trap servicing and pumping in Plano, so give us a call today for a commitment-free assessment and quote.  

Grease Interceptor Pumping and Cleaning in Plano, TX

The vast majority of people think of a grease interceptor as a big grease trap, which is the same as those found installed under commercial kitchen sinks. A grease interceptor is a critical component of any modern industrial kitchen’s sanitation system and a key to the integrity of water and sewage systems in a city. 

Grease interceptors are typically installed outside, close to the kitchen, typically underground and out of sight. All the food solids, oil, and grease are trapped and then stored in a 750-gallon, or even larger capacity reservoir, to protect the water supply and sewage system in the city from harmful contaminants and pollution. 

The efficiency and design of grease interceptors can vary widely. A thorough examination of numerous variables and conditions is required before installation is completed. A system that’s installed incorrectly can reduce efficiency to as little as a 30 percent interception rate. In contrast, a system that’s installed properly ensures maximum efficiency of up to 85 percent or higher. While the latter is the highest achievable goal, it’s also important to stay on top of the required maintenance and cleaning to ensure that it always operates up to standard. 

Experts recommend thoroughly hydro-jetting the main components at a rate of 1 or 2 times annually. Obviously, this will depend upon the oil, grease, and food solids content as well as the quantity of food being prepared. Cleaning the grease interceptor at shorter intervals is preferable to the consequences of lateness which can be time consuming and expensive. This lateness usually means blocking the plumbing or even costly and needless fines and/or closures by the Plano City Health Department for violating the health and safety codes. 

How Does the Cleaning and Pumping Process Work?

To a novice, it’s easy to imagine that a grease interceptor is one massive chamber for catching all the grease. However, there are numerous components, which include numerous interconnected chambers, each with its own manhole. This helps to increase the efficiency of the system significantly and renders it close to impossible for the overflow of waste to occur.  

With such as system of irregular chambers that have nooks and crannies, the oily/greasy waste often accumulates on the edges and sides by design. There’s an issue that it makes the process of pumping and cleaning the grease interceptor somewhat more complex than just washing and pumping. 

To ensure a proper cleaning sequence, all the contents have to be removed from each of the chambers. As you might imagine, the densest and thickest deposits of grease will naturally settle to the very bottom while the less dense water will be on top of that. 

The use of advanced pumps helps our team to quickly and efficiently remove all the tank’s contents before commencement of the final hydro-jet cleaning process. It uses a high-powered water spray of up to 3500 PSI to blow way the thick, sticky waste from all the affected sections of your grease tank. 

About Us

When you’re busy running a restaurant, cafeteria, or kitchen, your to-do list is a long one. Everything goes on your list from ordering new products to hiring or scheduling staffers but one thing that has a tendency to get pushed to the bottom is cleaning your grease trap. Instead of putting it off for one more season and hoping for the best, get in touch with Plano Grease Trap Pumping to get your grease trap working at peak efficiency and your business on a good cleaning schedule! 

Your grease trap is a small but vital piece of equipment in your food service business. Our team works with grease traps and interceptors from large to small and we make sure they’re clean and ready to work hard for you. 

If your grease trap suddenly starts to back up into your kitchen or overflow into the water system, you’ll need an emergency grease trap pumping team that can come to your site immediately. Plano Grease Trap Pumping is on call to when you need us! We can also create a grease trap cleaning and pumping schedule that works with the rhythms of your business so we don’t disturb you or your customers. 

Grease that gets into the water system here in Plano is an issue not just for the business owner but for the entire community. Plano Grease Trap Pumping works hard to make sure that none of that waste gets into our communities water system! Give us a call today to get on a cleaning schedule with our grease trap cleaning contractors! 

Primary Services We Offer

Eventually the time will come when your entire grease trap just needs to be pumped out. Our team comes to you with our fleet of service trucks and we get things flowing again in no time! We pump out your grease trap and transport the waste away, disposing of it in the most eco-friendly way possible so you won’t be slapped with heavy fines for the waste getting into the water system. 

If cleaning or pumping out your grease trap as sat on the bottom of your to-do list for longer than you’d like, we work with you to create a regular schedule of cleaning and pumping so you don’t have to worry about back-ups! During the consultation with our grease trap cleaning contractor, we pinpoint the best times for us to come and work in your kitchen. These can be done in the early morning or later evening so we avoid your peak business hours! 

Big grease traps or interceptors are no problem either! If you’re doing lots of grease volume, more visits might be necessary and we’ll need to bring a different set of tools and trucks to make sure everything is pumped out correctly. Working with large interceptors up to and over the 10,000 gallon limit is one of our specialties! 

Throughout any one of our services, we document and report anything of note and keep all of that documentation on hand for 4 years so you can always refer back to the work Plano Grease Trap Pumping has done! 

Primary Service Areas

Plano Grease Trap Pumping has been a vital part of the Plano community for years and we’re proud of all the work we’ve done in and around our city! While other grease trap pumping companies in Plano may not have the same standards when it comes to pumping and transporting waste, we ensure everything is done to code to keep our community members safe. 

Even if you’re not in Plano, TX proper, we’ll come to you! If your business is in Carrollton, Frisco, or Richardson, we’ll bring all of our equipment and expertise to your establishment. Emergency services are available in these areas as well if you have issues with back-up that happens off the clock! 

In tight-knit communities like ours, each business needs the other to survive and thrive. Plano Grease Trap Pumping is dedicated to helping others in our community continue to grow and strive for success. Instead of putting off cleaning that grease trap once again, Plano Grease Trap Pumping makes the choice easy by starting with an on-site free estimate! 

We’re part of this community and we want to offer the best services possible for the most accurate price! When we start our consultation in Plano, Hebron, or Addison, we let you know what the overall cost will be so you can plan your budget accordingly. All you have to do to get started is give us a call! 

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